oh, brains.
a show

October 2022

pumpkins, demons, and dangly things

July 2022

dollies and puppets and demons

June 2022

hello everyone, i am going to just have to trust that your June was alright and that you’re intact after the Supreme Court just whammed us back in time…
at least partly.
and stunning work by fellow artists

May 2022

Hi all, I hope you’re all well! the crabapple and pear tree in my back garden are blooming, covered in bees, i hear the occasional toad mating call, and…

March 2022

(I'm holding a raffle)

February 2022

Hello again! Are you still well? I hope so! My Valentines Day collection is a little bit late. All of these little beings demanded a bit more time than…
(which brings the inevitable organs and fetuses.)

December 2021

and some other small bits!